International Journal of Social Science and Public Policy

ISSN: 2663-7200 (Online)

DOI: 10.33642/ijsspp

Cambodia’s New Digital Signature, E-Commerce and Consumer Protection Laws: Key Components of a Bold Strategy for Dramatic Future Economic Growth

Author(s): Stephen Errol Blythe, Ph.D., Ph.D., J.D.

Cambodia has a bold new strategy to stimulate E-commerce and to grow the economy. The Digital Signature (DSL), Consumer Protection (CPL), and E-Commerce Laws (ECL) are important components of that strategy. The DSL provides for licensing of certifying authorities and does not prohibit other types of E-signatures. The CPL prohibits deceptive advertising and creates a consumer complaint procedure. The ECL recognizes the legal validity of secure E-documents and E-signatures, including as evidence in a court of law. The ECL states requirements of secure E-signatures and secure E-documents; E-contract rules; rules for liability of internet service providers and E-sellers; E-government provisions; E-payments services rules; and computer crimes. The ECL should be improved by: (a) recognizing electronic wills, powers of attorney, and real estate documents; (b) adding attribution rules and acknowledge receipt rules for E-contracts; (c) adding mandatory E-government; (d) adding a comprehensive computer crimes law; and (e) adding IT Courts.